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In September 2020, 200 students from the Lower Galilee Regional Council will be without a school building and classrooms

Due to the urgent need, the Regional Council has decided to rebuild the Kadoorie School that was destroyed in the earthquake of 2018. The buildings have been donated, but we still lack protected bomb shelters and the necessary infrastructure required by the Ministry of Education – in order to open the gates on time for the coming school year.

The Lower Galilee, a region rich in history, is witnessing unparalleled development and demographic growth. Many young families are choosing to relocate here.

The Regional Council and the Development Association for the Lower Galilee, see education as the spearhead, driving force and foundation for strengthening the community and shaping our future leadership.

We are committed to expanding our entire infrastructure and range of educational institutions and create an innovative and progressive settlement while preserving our rich Zionist heritage.


The funds available to the Regional Council will not cover the project.

We urgently need your partnership and help to ensure our children will have a school to attend this coming academic year!


Building Kadoorie Campus (under construction)

Stage One is in full swing! The old structure has already been removed and now we are currently inserting the infrastructure, erecting the new buildings and building the protected bomb shelters. The project is expected to be completed by the end of this school year.


Expansion of Kadoorie Campus- Establishing a Regional Community Center and Kindergartens

Stage Two (due to start immediately after the completion of Stage One).  A planned expansion of the school to house 560 students (grades one to eight). This expansion is part of the greater Regional Council plan to establish a diverse educational campus to include a school, kindergartens and a regional community center.

Meet our families

stieglitz family

"It's eductaion that helps the kids express themselves better"

dayan family

"The education here is more natural and puts the kids first"

kerer family

"We learned and got so much from the education here. Most importantly, how to be a better person"

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